What is SLS


Specialist Legal Services (SLS) is a brokerage service, much like an insurance broker but without any affiliations. Unlike other websites, we are not a front for a law firm or a simple ‘pay for listing’ directory and thus, we are unique in the legal industry.

SLS is not a Law firm and does not give legal advice – instead we connect you to a hand-picked, comprehensive network of legal experts and to the resources they produce, in one place – for free.

We identify and collect specialist lawyers, barristers, expert witnesses, legal precedents and practice resources for lawyers. Any useful high quality legal industry resource, we list it here. We welcome good content from any source.

Our experts act as independent contractors to SLS and through them, SLS can deliver the same breadth of service and specialist expertise of any large law firm, without the high price tag. We connect you with the best of the profession. Our consultants pays a small fee for the referral from SLS and therefore we deliver this service free to you.

Unlike the traditional law firm model, (SLS) is a staging point for legal services and resources. This represents a totally new and more efficient way of delivering legal services in Australia. In our view it is the only effective way to get proper representation fast, without overpaying for a lawyer without relevant experience.

So many people waste thousands of dollars with the wrong lawyer before finding the one they really need. There is no other effective way to find a suitably experienced lawyer to handle your matter. Can you afford the cost of the wrong lawyer?

In an increasingly complex legal system you need an expert. So when you find yourself in need of legal advice, the preparation of legal documents or representation in a court of law, come to SLS before you go anywhere else. You need a lawyer who understands all the implications of the latest legislation and has relevant experience.

If you are a legal practitioner or representing yourself, our network produces a range of resources to assist you and accepts agency work.

What drives us

We aim to make the delivery of effective legal services more efficient and in doing so, less costly for consumers. Only practitioners with specialised expertise can deliver value for money. The most efficient and cost effective providers of legal services are specialist lawyers in sole practice or small firms but these a re generally hampered by the need to provide general services outside their real expertise.

This site is therefore designed to foster and promote specialisation in the legal industry by connecting and supporting a network of specialised practitioners, mainly in smaller firms and sole practice. Large law firms with high overheads cannot compete with these individuals. It is a myth that larger firms are somehow better at the law. No firm has a monopoly on knowledge and ability and in our experience, the reverse is true.

By connecting this network of experts through the internet, SLS gives individual lawyers the opportunity to concentrate on matters within their areas of expertise and refer matters that are not to others on the network. The curious thing is that the result is the equivalent of a large law firm in resources through a brokerage service, without the trappings.


SLS has the following credo and philosophy;


SLS was founded by a practicing Lawyer of over 10 years experience in the Law working for large, medium and small firms. The Principal of SLS has built up a unique knowledge base that has enabled the construction of this service and the extensive infrastructure behind SLS.

SLS is staffed by dedicated professionals who aim to deliver a top quality service and provide an efficient brokerage operation.


We are very interested to know about your experience of our service. If you are satisfied with how your case has been handled by one of our practitioners or consider one our specialists has not lived up to our expectations please Contact us.